I work with architects, landscape architects, planners, builders, authors, and historians to visualize structures and landscapes. I use Sketchup, V-Ray, and Adobe software. 

MODELING services include the construction of 3D digital models from design documents supplied by clients.

RENDERING services include the generation of scenes with textures, lighting, topography, and vegetation as specified by clients.

MAPPING services include the construction of digital and tangible maps and models.

Contact me for a free consultation and estimate:

(309) 620-4537 / peter@peteradriel.com  


B.A. Human Ecology, 2017. College of the Atlantic  Bar Harbor, Maine. Geographic Information Systems, Landscape and Architectural Design, Illustration, Entrepreneurship, Visual Arts and Art History, Music Theory and Performance, Animation

Intern, Summer 2016. Coplon Associates Landscape Architecture and Planning. Public, commercial, and residential landscapes. Autocad, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketchup.